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Engineering Manager- West Cumbria

Orano Projects is looking for an Engineering Manager to support its dismantling engineering team.

Orano Projects is looking for an Engineering Manager to support its dismantling engineering team. The role will include managing activities and actions to be carried out in order to reach technically viable and low-cost solutions to address the issues raised by projects.

Main duties will include the following:

  • Co-ordination of the engineering team and definition of priorities in relation to the project objectives
  • To ensure that all interfaces data is correctly defined and justified. This will include working with radiological data, inventories and other data sources.
  • Ensure that documentation is available and accessible in a central repository, including existing documents, photos, and background information.
  • Interface management and document co-ordination
  • Follow-up of the major technical issues within the project, particularly those which cross functions and disciplines. This will include management of all relevant interfaces.
  • Co-ordination of engineering teams to meet the requirements of the project and customer
  • Management and arbitration of changes to the configuration of the engineering files
  • Occasional support to engineering teams, especially in the case of contractual exchanges with Material and Time suppliers where there is a need to provide a global vision of all requirements.
  • Ensure that the services delivered by the teams meet the needs of the project in terms of cost and time
  • Close monitoring of costs and deadlines (schedule / cost information) for feedback of the issues to the various project functions and / or the project itself, and to ensure the best possible solutions for maintaining project performance indicators (BV / CP, CPI, SPI)


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