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Specialist Support to Delivery of the Safety Case for the Tails Management Facility


In 2010 Urenco received regulatory and planning approval for a Tails Management Facility (TMF) located at its Capenhurst site. URENCO ChemPlants, (UCP) a wholly-owned subsidiary of URENCO Ltd, is responsible for the build and operation of the TMF. On completion, the facility will process URENCO’s European inventory of depleted uranium by-product reflecting the Group’s commitment to safe stewardship of its by-products and the facilities used to store depleted uranium.

Orano Projects activities

Orano Projects Limited continues to work closely with UCP (owner/operator) and the Jacobs team (design and engineering team) to meet a challenging programme and to deliver the required safety documents to time and budget. We are now  updating the Pre-Commencement Safety Report (PCSR) along with the Inactive/Active Commissioning documentation to support the commissioning phase.

Value added

Orano Projects Limited has worked closely with Urenco ChemPlants over the past five years providing a team of flexible specialist resource to deliver the safety case for this challenging project. 


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