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Test Case Decommissioning of Facility represents many years of work by LLWR Ltd, supported by NSG Environmental Ltd and AREVA RMC Ltd

AREVA RMC has been supporting LLWR and NSG Environmental, LLWR’s supplier partner for the PCM Decommissioning and Demolition works, for the decommissioning several redundant facilities on the site, and has been involved from the early stages of the project, providing BPEOs and environmental impact studies.

As the projects developed, AREVA RMC facilitated HAZOP studies to ensure all conceivable hazards of the decommissioning were addressed, which then progressed to developing decommissioning Safety Cases for the facilities.

AREVA RMC provided an on-site resource to enable rapid response to safety case issues as they came up, ensuring decommissioning could proceed safely and efficiently. One of the facilities was used as a test case, and lessons from this have been used to help accelerate the decommissioning of the other facilities. Removing the prescriptive scheduling from within the Safety Case where practical has enabled the decommissioning of other facilities to be carried out in a much more efficient way.

LLWR have recently published a time lapse of the decommissioning of one of the old PCM storage bunker retrieval facilities. This video shows the culmination of many years hard work.