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AREVA RMC expands its technical capability into nuclear fire safety

AREVA RMC is developing its capability in nuclear fire safety and we are pleased to welcome Aran Karam to our team. Aran is a specialist in nuclear fire safety and has good understanding of nuclear fire safety requirements at Nuclear Licensed sites. Aran joins us as a Senior Consultant and will be carrying out nuclear fire safety assessments on behalf of AREVA RMC in addition to nuclear fire safety training.

Regardless of consequence, fires at Nuclear Licensed sites have the potential to cause significant alarm and distress amongst the public and result in irreparable reputational damage for the operator. As well as posing a direct risk to life and property, fires at Nuclear Plants can compromise the safe containment of nuclear inventory and inhibit Structures, Systems and Components (SSCs) from working as intended – thus demonstrating a plants vulnerability to fire. Should a fire result in a radioactive release, the consequences could significantly impact everyday life for the local (and national (in extreme cases)) population for many years.

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